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1. INSIDE RADIUS SIZE    : (inches or millimeters)
2. OUTSIDE RADIUS SIZE   : (inches or millimeters)
3. STARTING DEGREES      : (degrees)
4. ENDING DEGREES        : (degrees)
5. CROSS REPEAT DISTANCE : (Y distance to the next part)
6. RAIL REPEAT DISTANCE  : (X distance to the next part)
7. LEADIN DIMENSION      : (inches or millimeters)
8. KERF DIMENSION        : (width of cutting tool path)
8. VERIFY- YES/NO        : (yes or no)


  • The STARTING DEGREES and ENDING DEGREES values represent angular position with respect to the Y axis (0 degrees is parallel to the Y axis and 90 degrees is parallel to the X axis)
  • The REPEAT DISTANCEs parameters define the distance from the start of one part to the next. These values must be large enough to provide the necessary SCRAP between parts.
  • When running the resulting NC part program, tbe machine moves from the starting corner to the pierce point defined by the LEADIN DIMENSION.
  • The leadout distance is automatically set to 1/2 of the LEADIN DIMENSION.
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