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1. CUT DIRECTION        : (clockwise or counterclockwise)
2. STARTING POSITION    : (1 of 8 points)
3. INNER DIAMETER SIZE  : (inches or millimeters)
4. OUTER DIAMETER SIZE  : (inches or millimeters)
5. LEADIN DIMENSION     : (inches or millimeters)
6. LEADOUT DIMENSION    : (inches or millimeters)
7. SCRAP DIMENSION      : (distance between parts, in/mm)
8. KERF DIMENSION       : (width of cutting tool path)
9. REPEAT MODE          : (automatic or manual positioning)

if auto-repeat mode:    if manual repeat mode:
10. VERIFY- YES/NO      10. REPEAT DIRECTION:  (1 of 4 points)
                        11. VERIFY- YES/NO


  • Selectable start position, CW/CCW cutting, and selectable repeat mode and direction.
  • The CUT DIRECTION prompt defines the outer diameter cut direction. The inner direction is always opposite so that the same KERF side (LEFT/RIGHT) can be used for both cuts.
  • The STARTING DIRECTION and REPEAT DIRECTION parameters can be directly entered with the numeric keypad.
  • The LEADOUT position is determined by the direction of the cut. The figure above shows the LEADOUT position assuming a clockwise cutting direction has been selected.
  • When running the resulting NC part program, position the torches at the CENTER of the first part, regardless of the REPEAT MODE selected. From this corner, the program moves out to the actual pierce point.
  • When performing AUTO REPEAT mode operations, parts are shifted to the left and right at a 60 degree angle.
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