Pipe and Tube Supply, Inc.


1. INNER DIAMETER SIZE  : (inches or millimeters)
2. OUTER DIAMETER SIZE  : (inches or millimeters)
3. SPLIT DEGREES        : (degrees)
4. LEADIN DIMENSION     : (inches or millimeters)
5. KERF DIMENSION       : (width of cutting tool path)
6. SCRAP DIMENSION      : (distance between parts, in/mm)
7. VERIFY- YES/NO       : (yes or no)


  • The starting position is always at the 45 degree position as shown.
  • The ending position is determined by the SPLIT DEGREES value.
  • The actual spacing between parts is based on the assumption that SPLIT DEGREES is less than 135 degrees. If not, the scrap between parts may be excessive. Therefore smaller arc segments should be cut using shape 10, RING DEGREES.
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