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serving your metal needs since 1978 - our 40th year!
Metal is our business, and we move a lot of it through our warehouse in North Little Rock. Here are some vanity shots of us doing our thing.

We'll have some videos of the CNC plasma cutter in action once we figure out how to keep the arc from damaging the camcorder...

We have several CNC plate cutters. Their worktables will handle single parts up to twelve feet wide and forty feet long - you could park an average motorhome on one and have space to walk around it. We can light up to ten torches and cut that many pieces all at once. We took a few pictures of a cut on some 10-1/2" stock.

You can e-mail a .DXF or G-code file to us, or give us a template and we'll use that to write a program for the machine.

That's only 10-1/2 inches thick - we can cut up to 12 inch plate!

These are Mark Walker's favorite pictures. Those are large burns for a local manufacturer.

Our four trucks run regular routes all over the state. No matter where you are, if you place an order, a truck can come by and drop it off right on your doorstep. Or loading dock, if you prefer.

Here's a truckload of stainless steel going out to a customer for an early delivery.

We keep a substantial inventory of stainless steel on hand.

We have pipe from 1/8" through 30". We carry stock sizes for oil rigging, industrial plumbing, hydraulics, and other applications, available for immediate delivery.

Certification papers available on request.

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