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utilities/stuff what would a customer necessarily want to know? what questions do they ask? chart of stock sizes? angle, flat, channel - and materials standard lengths tap drill charts, Unified, metric gauge charts (and historic) drill diameter charts, printable as PDFs too sheet metal bend calculator - Foale? expanded metal styles/specs patents search engines caltech, mit, mit courseware how to use google to search for papers forums newsgroups spreadsheet design DOE papers SWRI, LLNL, tube notch calculator cnc sites metalworking sites blacksmithing sites engineering foundry welding CAD suppliers SCCA, NHRA. IHRA rulebooks google "free engineering software" and "engineering spreadsheets" -->

Web Sites:

Units of measurement, from the University of North Carolina
metalworking.com, resource for the rec.crafts.metalworking newsgroup
metalworking web site list from NASA
Metal Web News
rec.crafts.metalworking FAQ
Welding Resource Page
Free Structural Engineering Software
ShopDawg metalworking site

Web Forums:

Eng-Tips engineering forum
Practical Machinist forum
MMS Online metalworking forum
CNC-Zone DIY CNC forum

Mailing Lists:

Blacksmiths list

Engineering Papers:

NACA (predecessor to NASA) technical reports, 1919-1958
NACA British mirror (old, better user interface)
NASA Technical Reports Server

Free Software:

software list at metalworking.com
tube mitering template printer
free engineering software list
Structural Engineering Software
Free Civil Engineering Software
Free CAD Software
Free Engineering Software
Free Bridge Engineering Software
Free CAD/CAM Software
Free FEA Software
Free Dynamic Simulation Software
Free Thermal Analysis Software
Online Engineering Calculators
Free Downloadable Engineering Calculators and Spreadsheets
Free Engineering Spreadsheets (U-Wis)
Free Engineering Spreadsheets (U-Ill)
Free Engineering Spreadsheets (U-Mon)

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